Care & Technology Lab (IMTT)


Care coordination, situational support and crisis intervention in the nursing of severely disabled and technology-dependent people


The aim of the project is to develop new Human-Technology-Interaction Systems and the care processes and structures based on them, which offer

  • technical possibilities for situational support in crisis situations (in different gradations for non-occupational caregivers as well as for professional caregivers)
  • efficient coordination of the actors in the care network via mobile IT-supported tools for the control of care and corresponding approaches to care management, while at the same time providing instruments for quality assurance
  • give caregivers and nurses the opportunity to exchange and experience together, thus providing psychosocial support and promoting well-being

For this purpose, case studies examine two areas of application as examples, both of which are characterised by the need for specialised nursing care, a high burden on nursing staff and the dependence of nursing care on technical equipment: The outpatient intensive care for home ventilation and the specialized outpatient palliative care. The following approaches are to be integrated for support in crisis situations

  • situational provision of knowledge components (e. g. video tutorials)
  • low-threshold, situational support and assistance, especially for problems with technical equipment
  • Provision of options for synchronous and asynchronous communication with actors in the utility network
  • if necessary, approaches for the automatic recognition of crisis situations or their initiation



  • VitalAire Group, Norderstedt
  • Palliativnetz Freiburg gGmbH, Freiburg
  • nubedian GmbH, Karlsruhe
  • Furtwangen University
  • FZI Research Centre for Computer Science in Karlsruhe



Prof. Dr. Peter König

Head of Institute

Professor of Nursing and Rehabilitation Management

Prof. Dr. Christophe Kunze

Head of Institute

Professor of Assistive Technologies

Ulrike Lindwedel-Reime, M.Sc.

Academic Researcher

Fields of expertise: Nursing and Health Sciences, palliative care

Alexander Scheurer, M.Sc.

Academic Researcher

Field of expertise: Computer Science

Lisa Blattert, B.Sc.

Visiting Scientist

Field of expertise: Applied Health Sciences and Technology