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Interactive Memories - Technology-assisted Reminiscence Therapy


Nursing means more than just “care” – including, facilitating participation and strengthening the identity of the person in need of support. In this context, the maintenance of memory and the biographical work on which it is based are of central importance. In the individual and group activities developed for this purpose, conventional and singular media (mainly photos) are used and these are limited to individual biographies. With the new digital media and interaction technologies, qualitative developments and new approaches in the field of memory care and biography work for people with (and without) dementia are moving into the realm of reachability and feasibility.

The InterMem project develops and evaluates new approaches to supporting further development of biography work and memory maintenance based on mixed-reality systems. When the focus is on the needs and skills of people with dementia, this does not in any way restrict the use of appropriate applications and products to this user group. An interdisciplinary approach to research is pursued throughout the project. This presupposes the establishment of a common basis for communication and understanding, a process of learning from each other as well as a continuous discourse and knowledge exchange within the project.

InterMem is an interdisciplinary effort in the sense of cooperation between the technical and social sectors. The focus is on testing the potential of new digital media and communication technologies for innovative approaches to memory care and biography work. In addition, the insights and developments gained from the project should provide a promising basis for providing further interactive applications and products to strengthen a living culture of remembrance.


  • Demenz Support Stuttgart gGmbH (Project Management)
  • Caritasverband für die Erzdiözese Freiburg e.V.
  • Retirement Home Fürstlich-Fürstenbergisches Altenpflegeheim Hüfingen
  • Furtwangen University
  • Retirement Home Marienhaus St. Johann e.V.
  • University of Würzburg
  • User Interface Design GmbH
  • Vertigo Systems GmbH

Vertigo Systems GmbH




Prof. Dr. Christophe Kunze

Head of Institute

Professor of Assistive Technologies

Prof. Dr. Peter König

Head of Institute

Professor of Nursing and Rehabilitation Management

Alexander Bejan, M.Sc.

Academic Researcher

Fields of expertise: Computer Science and Engineering, Educational Technology, Human-technology interaction

Ramona Kienzler, B.Sc.

Academic Researcher

Fields of expertise: Applied Health Sciences and Technology, Health economics